Best Minecraft Server Hosting [Reviewed By Actual Gamers!]

Want to host your own Minecraft server but don’t know where to start?

Did you read other reviews that are from people who DON’T play games and recommended web hosts for game servers?

Read our review of the best Minecraft hosting companies, written by actual gamers. You’ll find out how easy it is to get started and what you need for hosting.

We’ve also put together a list of popular servers that can give you an idea of what’s possible with these services!

Best Minecraft Servers

Here is a list of the Minecraft servers you should sign up for to play with friends.


Shockbyte is an Australian company that offers Minecraft hosting.

Shockbyte is an incredibly powerful and unique Minecraft hosting service. Shockbyte has been built from the ground up with only one goal: to provide incredible server performance for its users while maintaining a price that can’t be matched anywhere else. Shockbyte’s custom-crafted servers are designed to give you the best experience at the lowest possible price point, and Shockbyte stands behind all of our services 100%.

Shockbyte is dedicated to providing quality customer support that is second to none. With round-the-clock on-call staff members ready to answer your questions or concerns, they guarantee a simple process of contacting support when necessary.

It’s best suited for smaller servers (less than 10 people), but if you’re low on budget, they might be the best choice with prices starting at $2.50 per month.

Their smallest plan is pretty affordable and gets you a dedicated IP, so it’ll never change until you switch.

Some of the features include:

  • DDoS Protection
  • One-Click Mod Installer
  • Modpack Support
  • 24/7 support

Apex Hosting

What is Apex Minecraft Hosting? Apex Minecraft Hosting is a company that provides high-quality hosting for people playing the popular game Minecraft. They have been providing servers since 2011 and have been growing ever since.

Apex Minecraft Hosting uses only the best hardware to provide players with a stable connection and allows them to be creative without suffering from lag, slow loading times, or glitches.

Apex Minecraft Hosting offers multiple server types for players of all types. They currently offer survival, creative, factions, skyblock, modded PVP, modded PVE and minigames servers. Apex Minecraft Hosting also has helpful staff available 24/7 through their support website.

Their best Minecraft server hosting plan gives you a dedicated IP, free mod pack installation, and a lot more for just $5/mo. The best part is that it’s not even shared – your friends can have their own servers too!

However, Apex Hosting isn’t the best choice if you’re going to be using mods that affect game mechanics, like Tekkit.

Their network is best described as “up-and-coming”, so if you’re looking for something reliable, this might not be the best choice.

Streamline Servers

Streamline Servers is a premium provider of game servers. They offer the fastest, most reliable service in the industry with our custom-built hardware and software. Their servers are designed to provide you with an unparalleled gaming experience.

While Streamline Servers has good hardware, they use an outdated TC admin pane. This means compared to other Minecraft-specific hosts, it’s harder and slower to modify your server.

This company has cheap Minecraft server hosting plans (starting at $2/mo) but beware – they’re shared and your connection will be slower than with a dedicated server.

Not only that, but the best Minecraft servers usually require mods and modpacks to add some really cool functionality (like Tekkit).

However, Streamline Servers does support mods like this, which makes them one of the best options on this list.


MCProHosting is a Minecraft server rental company that offers Minecraft players the option to rent their own private server, with MCProHosting supplying you with all of your necessary files. This can be an advantage because it means there won’t be any annoying lag and interruptions.

Additionally, MCProHosting allows anyone to create their very own unique server they always wanted which includes getting total control over it and its contents.

MCProHosting will always update the server files for you so you don’t have to worry about not being able to play Minecraft because MCProHosting hasn’t updated their code.

They offer a basic Minecraft server hosting plan, starting at $7.99 that gets you a dedicated IP and access to “some” mods.

If you’re looking for something more advanced, they also have add-ons like Bukkit ($7) and Tekkit ($4).


BisectHosting BisectHosting is a relatively new company founded in 2012 by Ben Williams (a well-known developer and creator of WP-Optimize). They started the hosting company after they realized how hard it was to find a host that could deliver on their promise.

With their best Minecraft server hosting plan, you’ll get unlimited IPs and enhanced DDoS protection for just $4/mo. Although the best buy is Bisect’s dedicated server package ($80), it’s not worth getting one since you could make your own much cheaper (you don’t even need me to tell you how)!

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