How to change Minecraft username

How to change Minecraft username

If you have played Minecraft for a while, you probably want to change your vanilla username.

However, the problem is that there is no way of doing it!

Well, here’s a tutorial on how I changed my name in Minecraft after years of playing.

What is a Minecraft username?

How to change Minecraft username

A ‘Minecraft username’ is the name you set for your Minecraft account during installation.

When you create a new profile, you have to enter a Username that would be visible in-game.

With this method, we will turn our existing username into an unused one so that we can change it!

How to change your Minecraft username

Despite the fact that you can’t change your username, Minecraft still stores the username somewhere.

All you need to do it login to your Mojang account here:

This is a little bit complicated to explain in words so I found a good image online:

How to change Minecraft username wwebsite (1)

What can’t I change with this method?

This method won’t change your Display name or any other names that people have already given you.

Why you might want to change your Minecraft username

Why do you want to change your username?  Most of the time it’s because you want a different username or perhaps you don’t like the names that people call you in-game.

How do I change my name in Minecraft?

Changing your Minecraft username is actually quite easy but you won’t find it in the client.  You can change it by doing a few commands on the server where you play.

Where else can I find a new name for my account?

If none of these names are to your taste, there is a Minecraft name generator on the internet, but I recommend against you using it as they could be taken already.

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